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Featured Marketing Entrepreneur Guru CHRIS RECORD

Membership sites that work!

Smart Member is a website app suite for entrepreneurs.


Generate traffic, capture leads, sell content, grow a brand, and more in just a few clicks.



  • Be the Teacher, with SM Courses
  • Convert Your Traffic, with SM Pages
  • Sell Like a Boss, with SM Email.

Unlimited Possibilities, with SM Sites

Create as many sites as you'd like, each with a unique url. Target different niches, run multiple businesses, personal sites, launch different products, you name it!

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A few words from Chris

Ways to Make Money Doing What They Are Already Doing"


"One definition of insanity is

Doing the Same Thing Over and Over  and Expecting a Different Result"


In order to earn income, you HAVE to get it from someone else. Every single dollar you have ever had in your hand has come from someone else. And you had to "sell" them on why they should give it to you.


"The biggest obstacle to our success is the 6-inches between our ears, our negative self-talk, doubt, and lack of belief"


"Millionaires Become Millionaires Because they Find Multiple






Harness the Power of MASSIVE TRAFFIC!

New Speed Blogging Extension helps you Blog 10x Faster by Instantly Embedding Content in Seconds and using White-Hat SEO Strategies to help you Rank Your Posts Long Term in Google! Click Here!

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners!


How I went from a Negative Bank Account to Having $8K+ Per Days Online - In Hopes to Inspire You and Teach You my Techniques!

Create Traffic.  Capture Leads.  Convert Sales.

"Become a Master at Creating Traffic, Capturing Leads, and Converting Sales, and you can Generate Unlimited Wealth"

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Learn SEO from a white-hat angle so that you can sustain your first page results for years and years to come! Click Here!





This 5-week bootcamp is beginner friendly, as well as detailed enough for skilled SEO marketers to learn updated seo strategies!




Battle-Tested by 70,000+ Marketers & SEOs   As the #1 Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis Software…

Lifetime Updates & Upgrades

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  • Search Multiple Seed Keywords At Once
  • Pre-Filter Keywords
  • Real-time Filtering (filter as you type)
  • Up to 800 keywords per idea
  • Automatically check domain availability
  • Google and Bing Title Competition
  • In-depth Competitor Analysis
  • Integrated Rank Checker - Check unlimited number of keywords
  • Make notes on individual keywords
  • Integrated Page and Domain Authority from Moz
  • Unlimited keyword searches and results
  • Free software upgrades for life
  • Refund Policy


The #1 Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis Software…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee



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Upgrade to Long Tail Pro Platinum…


…and Unlock the CLOSELY-GUARDED Proprietary Keyword Competitiveness Algorithm + Gain Access to Additional Features/Enhancements!”



Unlock the CLOSELY-GUARDED Proprietary Keyword Competitiveness Algorithm + Gain Access to Additional Features/Enhancements!”


New Video Marketing Technology Allows You To...

Instantly Build Profitable Video Sites That Produces Fresh Traffic In MINUTES... Collect Leads And Sell Products Right Inside ANY Video Even on Videos You Don't Own (100% Legal)!]

We're changing the way you market with videos in 2015

The truth is Youtube, Vimeo etc can only host your videos but not market them

How Important Is Getting MASSIVE Targeted Traffic To You?

Are you ready to double, or even TRIPLE your sales and leads?

Do you want a profitable video site that actually brings in serious income?

Are you ready to step up your video marketing and get serious profits in 2015?

  1. Attract hot new audience FAST (traffic)?
  2. Engage your audience
  3. And convert into leads and sales

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Learn Marketing Strategies & Link Building Techniques! Grow your Business and Create Financial Security! Build Traffic and Start Video Marketing Campaigns! Create Membership Sites and Build Amazon Stores with E-Commerce! Blogging...Blogging...Blogging! Great Income Opportunities! Learn Seo and Keyword Strategies!

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